About Us

about us

We are the leading Tottenham removals service

   Tottenham removals is serious about getting the job done right. We have significant experience in delivering the perfect removals experience, from one project to the next. Our team can manage both local and international house moving jobs. We also provide office shifting services. In all jobs, we give our complete best to see that you have a stress-free experience.

The circumstances of removals are not always pleasant. It is but natural for a tenant to lose her cool on being suddenly evicted by the landlord! Also, the moving requirement might be a coping strategy to deal with a financial crisis. At Tottenham removals, we recognise these background reasons very seriously and always do our best to avoid stressing the homeowner any further. As it is, you already have a lot on your plates. An unprofessional removals experience should be the least of your concerns.

Same-day removals provided

   We also offer same-day removals services. Circumstances of a same-day moving job can be quite stressful. We have worked with tenants who have been served an urgent foreclosure notice by the bank or eviction notice from the landlord. Also, we have faced urgent requests following a flooding issue due to burst plumbing lines.

   As for office removals, owners often want to book us on the weekends for a same-day removal job to avoid the loss of a productive day. As a result, weekends are often packed tight for Tottenham removals. Our men are habituated to work in shifts to keep the job going on, day in and day out.

Local and international moving jobs

   We handle both local and global moving jobs. International relocation demands additional responsibilities. We will have to arrange for permits to get past the national border. Also, there would be major legal formalities in the destination country. We are a member service of the top organisation, the British Association of Removers (BAR).

    This membership entails us with the necessary connections in foreign countries to arrange for permits. We can also set up your furniture in a temporary storage facility at a foreign destination. Tottenham removals will also take care of the air freight, railroad transit, and ship cargo for international travels.

   Local jobs are handled with equal efficiency. We keep track of the traffic conditions in real-time via GPS. Besides, our drivers are familiar with the whole of Tottenham. From the All Hallows Church to the High Cross, we cover it all.

Our business mission

   Our mission is to see that we continue receiving five-star ratings from clients. This is why we focus on not making a single mistake. Our men receive thorough training on every aspect of the job. From packing your things carefully to the final unpacking at your destination, we are committed to perfection. We would pack your fragile items with an extra layer of bubble wrap, just to be sure that there is no damage in transit. All small items are placed carefully in the boxes, and sufficient fillers are placed in between. This ensures that there is no friction between them during the haul.

   As for big furniture pieces, we are very cautious. These pieces can be very expensive, and it is our responsibility to get them in your new house unscratched. The same care is given to moving costly electronic items in office removals jobs. In both types of removals, we have but a single motto. Tottenham removals wants you to have a safe and smooth transit in the new phase of your life.

Our business vision

  Our business vision is to establish Tottenham removals as the best moving job in town. We want to be the service everyone gladly recommends. We depend on our men for this achievement. This is why we select our staff after a careful screening process. Tottenham has had a reputation of violent roads, often scenes for gang wars.

   Working as a moving specialist in Tottenham requires an additional sense of responsibility. We commit that no matter what, your belongings will be reached safely to the destination. Our men are tested for their common sense and cool of mind to handle a tough situation on the road. So far, we have never had any problem, even for late removals jobs.